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Welcome to Monroe!


We at Century 21 About Town Realty want to welcome you to our town. Monroe and the surrounding areas have been rural farming towns until the last quarter of the 20th century. Farmland became to expensive and was often sold off to developers who built new homes and active adult communities Now we have bustling bedroom communities with young people, active adults and many others going from here to there for work and pleasure. Keeping up with this new dynamic is a challenge for any business.


Century 21 About Town Realty is a full service realty organization with over 40 agents ready to serve your needs in the housing market. We can help you sell your home, find you a new home to meet your changing needs, or just offer some help in determining the current value of your home for various reasons, such as refinancing, separations, second mortgages, etc.


Our office staff consists of Realtor Associates who live locally and know the town and area very well. We offer in-depth knowledge about the real estate market and will work with you to make a home purchase or sale of a home easiest for you. We also have four Broker Associates on staff with over 100 combined years of experience. Their knowledge of the real estate business is beyond compare.


If you are thinking of selling your home, consider the following:


Selecting a realtor associate who is right for you. You not only want someone you are comfortable with, but someone who has a successful track record with a professional manner and takes the time to listen to your needs and goals.


Agreeing on the listing conditions. (Remember the commission is negotiable at the time of signing)


Determining the right price for your home. The “right” price is a balance between the maximum amount the current housing market will allow, your “competition” and your own time limits in selling the property. Factors to consider in pricing are location, features of the home, condition of the house, age and the current market. Remember that overpricing the home makes other homes in the area easier to sell.


Estimating your bottom line profit. Mortgage pay-off amounts, early pay-off penalties, home repair expenses, closing costs and capital gains taxes are all items that can cut into the profit you make on your home. Let our Realtor Associates help you navigate through this minefield of confusion.


Getting the home ready to show and sell. You will need to pay attention to such things as making minor repairs, cleaning up the outside of the home (First impressions are hard to break) , tidying up the inside of the home (Clear out closets, remove knickknacks from tables, get rid of unnecessary furniture, painting dull looking rooms, etc.)


If you are thinking of selling your home on your own consider this:


Are you willing to take a lesser price than you would get when working with a Realtor?

Are you prepared to have unqualified buyers look at your home?

What steps have you taken to pre-screen prospective buyers?

How comfortable are you when negotiating a purchasing price?


Let our staff of Century 21 agents help you with all of these decisions. We are ready, capable, and most of all motivated to make your home selling or purchasing experience be a positive one. One you will remember for years to come.


We hope this has helped you. Again, welcome to Monroe.